Question #3

If you could pursue any occupation regardless of education, training, special talent or expense, what would it be and why?

If I could do anything, I would be an educator, mentor and motivational speaker in the field of leadership. Interacting and learning from the UCGSB faculty would further prepare me for this dream job.

There would be a focus on undergraduate leadership and academic development, and regular forays and programs targeted to management at Fortune 1000 clients. My goal would be to cultivate the leadership potential of my undergraduate and professional clients. I would teach classes and deliver programs that focus on a combination of experiential learning, history and historical leaders, management theory, and analysis of leadership and communication in organizations.

It is important to have mentors and true leaders successfully cultivate other leaders. At twenty-three and solely responsible for the operations of a not-for-profit insurance company and educational foundation, I found great mentors- volunteers that provided not only technical expertise but leadership guidance. Regular access to a top-40 executive of one of the largest insurance companies in the world and the retired CEO of a life insurance company contributed significantly to my personal and professional development. One benefit of advancing in an organization is the opportunity to expand and unleash the potential of others.

I desire to be a public speaker for the pure personal joy of it. In high school, I won a writing contest sponsored by the local Rotary Club. My written paper described my volunteer experiences at a soup kitchen and homeless shelter at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains as part of a summer youth project. The ‘prize’ was getting to present these experiences in front of the 100 or so members of the club.

The adrenaline and butterflies immediately before a presentation is invigorating, whether describing banana cultivation techniques to a high school geography class or delivering the results of a multi-million dollar project to management.