Holiday Greetings from Chicago! We hope this card finds you happy, healthy and full of your preferred brand of eggnog.

We are getting old so it is fitting we have lots of old friends to catch up with. There were no material changes in our life this year – two jobs, no kids, and lots of trips. We started the year with a January weekend in London – very romantic. The ski trip was to Utah this year in February. Dean’s sister is old, too, and we had her 30th birthday party in Las Vegas in March.

We enrolled in a Spanish language class in the spring – similar to our prowess on the ski slopes, we have more passion than skill. As an example, when asked to describe the layout of our apartment,

Linda portrayed our bedroom as having mirrors on the ceiling above the bed, as the translation for two mirrors on the wall apparently escaped her.

Memorial Day produced a traditional trip to Linda’s parents and Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio – the new 100 MPH roller coaster was broken so we will need to return next year to give it a spin. It was a slow summer other than the beach and the annual pilgrimage to Dean’s parent?’s pool in Sikeston, MO. We returned to the US Open in NY over Labor Day and, similar to 2002, it rained the entire time.

Crustaceans around the world shuddered as we traveled to coastal Maine in late September. We visited a long-time friend of Dean’s in Lexington, KY for the end of the fall thoroughbred-racing season in October. Testing our Spanish skills in the real world, we spent two weeks in November with friends on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula (again). Dean lovingly ordered Linda a glass of spider juice and was pleased when the intended orange juice was served.

From Dean:

My public pronouncement in last year’s letter announcing my intent to run the Chicago marathon got me off the couch for only 2 of the required 5 months of training. Linda was skeptical by May, I was skeptical by June, and all hope was lost in July. Maybe next year. All is well on the job front and I celebrated my 8-year anniversary with what is now BearingPoint in 2003 (www.bearingpoint.com). With the up-tick in the economy business is much improved, projects are more exciting and I’ve been enjoying a role leading our recruiting efforts as we (finally) grow our talented team after 2 years of stagnation. I spent the last half of the year working for a pleasant client in New Jersey doing very cool insurance technology stuff. I hit the 1 million mile mark on American Airlines late this year after spending the prior 12 months working in Chicago. I much prefer an airplane to the daily madness that is local commuting.

Though we are old, Linda still looks hot in a bikini and that is one of many things that makes me happy this holiday season.

We look forward to hearing from all of you.

From Linda:

I continue to enjoy working for Alpha Phi and was promoted this past fall. Now I serve as the Director of Collegiate Membership & Extension. It’s a great job with new challenges each day. I enjoy working with the volunteers and staff who care for our chapters on a day-to-day basis and working with collegiate women is always invigorating. I visited around ten campuses this year. As always we are planning our January 1st Open House and hope that any of you in the Chicagoland area will attend. We wish everyone rest and relaxation over the holidays and look forward to catching up with all of you.