Second Day in Tokyo

Work up early, but did sleep all night, which is good.  Ate breakfast on the club floor which included some terrific apple and crab apple juice.  Went to the gym, which really helps my jet-lag.  This was fine except for the fact the elliptical machine had hand bards that were shaped different from what I was used to.  Somehow I hit myself with one causing a large bruise.  After that I switched to biking.  I plan to try to beat that machine again today.

Bad time caused my room to be unavailable due to cleaning when I came back from the gym.  So I grabbed some jeans and went out.  I visited an Indian Spice store nearby the hotel to establish what spices they carried and determine if Basmati Rice was available.  Then on to a book store.  I was excited to see the Michelin Guide for Tokyo available.  Japan has the most stars of any country and I hope to enjoy some of these amazing restaurants while I am here.

The cookbooks are completely amazing.  So many specific pictures and explanations of how to do everything just so.  I MUST learn to read Japanese as quickly as possible.  

By the I was starving again and remembered a sing for a grocery store  below Banana Republic so I went down to the basement.  Not only was there a grocery store but all kinds of small and fast restaurants.  Bento boxes of all kinds, soups, sushi, sandwiches etc.  I came away with about $10 in carry out sushi which was a fine lunch. I must say that the cherry tomatoes on the top of the dish were just delicious. 

Around this time there was an earthquake, but I did not notice.

After lunch I walked around for the rest of the afternoon, just looking at parts of the city.  The subway is so easy here, that once I got tired I just jumped on it and came back to the hotel. 

Dean and I met up for cocktails and then headed out for dinner at a terrific sushi restaurant.

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