Third day in Tokyo

The third day was the most affected by jet lag.  I was slow getting up, slow eating breakfast and slow at the gym. 

After the gym I was starving, so I ate an apple and a hard boiled egg I saved from breakfast. Then I went out in search of two of the neighborhoods we were considering.  It was nearly impossible to find any of the buildings since I have no idea how to read a Japanese address.  But one was easy to find, since it was right by the subway and big, square and yellow. 

I visited the Shibuya and the Asakusa neighborhoods. Eventually I had walked all I could, and had no idea where I was.  I took the subway home.  The subway is completely amazing.  It is in Japanese, but there is English everywhere.  There are so many lines, but they are color coded and easy to follow.  Sometimes the transfers are long 15-20 minutes walking.  But the trains come very quickly.  I don’t think Japanese really want to sit next to me on the train, but I don’t mind. 

I have not noticed the crowed trains, but apparently they are only really crowded during morning rush hour. 

When I met up with Dean for a drink, I realized I had not eaten lunch.  That is a sure sign of jet lag.  We ate a good dinner of Indian food, which seemed pretty actual except for the saffron Japanese rice it came with.  It was a pretty good match.  On the way out, we did notice that it was possible to order Basmati.  (Japanese rice =$5, Indian rice +10). 

I fell asleep at about 8 PM…


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