Vasectomies Up 50% in New York and Cleveland


It appears CNN has scooped my venerable friends at The Economist.

“Why are we suddenly having an explosion in guys asking for vasectomies?”

Is it ok to say that at work?

Vasectomies in Cleveland are up 50% and 48% in New York.  The article posits two theories.  One theory is that people are accelerating medical procedures in advance of losing health benefits, usually associated with job loss or job uncertainty.  The second is that a loss of confidence in future employment prospects results in a reduced birthrate.

While there is ‘no national registry of sterilizations‘, historical evidence suggests that periods of severe economic crisis coincide with lower birthrates.  I think the chart is suggestive of the underlying pattern if not cause and effect, though a Dr. Jones suggests “It is unlikely that some guy read the Dow Jones numbers that day and said, ‘Why don’t we have a vasectomy?'”  Evidence to the contrary, Dr. Jones.

There is also a website that should be considered for a good design award.  From the home page, readers are presented with two simple options:

1.  Click Here for Vasectomy Information
2.  Click Here for Vasectomy Reversal Information

I conject that on this topic it is difficult to be more straightforward than that.

A third theory provides thought provoking insight into the male psyche:  basketball.

Since ‘vasectomies are likely to produce tenderness, discomfort and slight swelling…usually <require> a day or two of recovery, ginger movement and icing of the time their vasectomies around major sports events such as the Masters Golf Tournament and the NCAA basketball tournament to keep themselves entertained during recovery’.

Practical, but still curious.

Cheers to journalist Madison Park and my new friends at CNN.